Cubase vs Logic Pro – Which is Better? – Musician Wave

I use Logic Pro myself so this article is going to be of interest to me. I also have used Cubase in the early days of learning the production ropes. As it says in the article…

Cubase and Logic Pro are both more than capable of producing industry-standard mixes and professional quality music. However, each DAW has its own advantages and suits particular workflows better than others.

Both have steep learning curves but for me, it’s Logic Pro all the way baby 🙂

Source: Cubase vs Logic Pro – Which is Better? – Musician Wave

Major Streaming Services Propose “Lowest Rate Of Pay In History” For Songwriters

Hmm, why doesn’t this surprise me?

The streaming companies recently filed documents suggesting new rates of earning for songwriters with the US Copyright Royalty Board for the 2023 to 2037 period, and while detailed information is not available, the rates being proposed are so low that the industry is up in arms.

Source: Major streaming services have reportedly proposed “lowest rate of pay in history” for songwriters – MusicTech