10 Best AI Tools For Musicians

A recent survey of over 1,000 musicians revealed that 25% of them are already incorporating AI into their studio work, 72% of which reported positive experiences with AI tools.

The article titled “10 Best AI Tools For Musicians” from Pirate Studios provides an insightful overview of how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the music industry in 2023.

According to a survey of over 1,000 musicians, 25% are already using AI in their studio work, with 72% reporting positive experiences. The article highlights the stages where AI is most beneficial in music creation, such as songwriting, research, beat creation, and mastering.

Here’s a summary of the top 10 AI tools for musicians as chosen by the musicians themselves:

  1. ChatGPT: Widely used for songwriting and composition, ChatGPT helps in generating lyrics, suggesting chord variations, and creating plugin settings.
  2. Ozone11: Ideal for mastering music, it offers a simplified, one-click solution for mixing and mastering tracks.
  3. LALAL.AI: Specializes in stem-splitting for remixing and sampling, allowing isolation of specific elements from a track.
  4. BandLab SongStarter: Aids in overcoming writers’ block and provides inspiration, especially for beginners, by generating a basic track to work on.
  5. GOYO: Useful for audio segmentation and manipulation, it helps in de-noising, de-reverbing, and isolating vocals for remixes.
  6. AIVA: An AI virtual artist that composes original music, helping to break creative blocks and generate new ideas.
  7. AWS DeepComposer: Allows users to transform melodies into compositions using generative AI, suitable for various musical knowledge levels.
  8. Moises App: Excels in isolating vocals and instruments from any song, aiding in sampling and creative manipulation.
  9. Magenta Studio: A Google project for experimental music composition, it provides tools for melody generation and pattern editing.
  10. StemRoller: Offers a simple, one-click solution for separating vocal and instrumental stems, useful for experimentation.

The article concludes by noting the growing interest in AI tools among musicians, with 46% of those not yet using AI expressing a willingness to explore these tools in the future.

This trend suggests a significant potential for AI to enhance the music creation process.

Source: 10 Best AI Tools For Musicians

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