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20 Tips And Tricks For Mixing Reggae.

Reggae, with its laid-back grooves, infectious rhythms, and pulsating basslines, is a genre that evokes feelings of sunshine and good vibes. But capturing that warm, spacious sound and translating the energy of a live performance into your DAW can be a challenge. “20 Tips and Tricks for Mixing Reggae” is a comprehensive guide featured on […]

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How To Record Vocals at Home: 7 Tips for Recording Vocals like a Pro

Plenty of great products on the market now allow you to record vocals at home. What exactly is the process of getting great results when recording vocals from a home studio, though? The article from Bedroom Producers Blog, penned by Steve Charlton, serves as a beacon for those navigating this quest, offering a comprehensive guide […]

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Recording Vocals: Your Ultimate Guide to a Pro Vocal Track : Audio Issues

There are five stages to recording vocals to a professional standard. But it’s not all about the microphone or your gear. Or even your acoustic treatment. It’s not even only about your singer. In the comprehensive guide “Your Ultimate Guide to Recording Vocals” by Björgvin Benediktsson on Audio Issues, readers are taken through a detailed […]


New to mixing? How to mix your own music | Native Instruments Blog

Learning how to mix your own music is a critical skill for all music producers. It provides an additional layer of creative control and helps listeners experience your music more deeply. The blog post from Native Instruments provides a comprehensive guide on mixing your own music, emphasizing the importance of this skill for music producers. […]

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Recycle Your Old Projects – Pheek’s Mixdown and Mastering

The way I approach making music, ultimately speaking, is to be able to first find a very original idea and then put it in context quickly so you can work to give it a timeline. The blog post from Pheek’s Mixdown and Mastering, titled “Recycle Your Old Projects,” delves into the concept of maximizing the […]