Music Mastering: Techniques from the Pros – Berklee Online Take Note

Before we embark on an exciting journey into the world of music mastering, we need to get an overview of our current workplace, learn about the tools available to us, and discover ways to optimize our environment. The article from Berklee Online, penned by experts Marc-Dieter Einstmann and Jonathan Wyner, delves into the intricate world […]

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LANDR Review: Features, Guide, Advantages, & More (2024)

Mastering is the final step in music production, it helps determine how your music sounds across devices and streaming platforms. Mastering used to require considerable skills and time—that is until AI became part of the equation. No this is something I am seriously looking into myself… Mastering my own music with AI. How good can […]


AI can now master your music—and it does shockingly well

AI-powered mastering systems allow endless tweaking (mastering engineers generally offer a specific number of revisions). They return results within a minute (mastering engineers might need up to a week). They are comparatively cheap (mastering engineers might charge anywhere from $30 up to a few hundred bucks a track, depending on their experience). And now they […]


The Essential Guide to Monitoring and Room Acoustics When Mastering In

Welcome to the definitive guide for all home studio enthusiasts looking to demystify and master the critical elements of monitoring and room acoustics for mastering. Crafting the Perfect Sound Space for Mastering In the comprehensive guide “The Essential Guide to Monitoring and Room Acoustics When Mastering In A Home Studio” by Tom Frampton, the intricate […]


What is Mastering in Music?

Music mastering (aka audio mastering) is the final step in the music production process for a recording, where a finished mix is transformed into a polished and cohesive piece that is ready for distribution. The article from Disc Makers Blog, authored by Scott McCormick, delves into the intricate world of music mastering, highlighting it as […]


The Fundamentals Of Mastering – What Every Producer Should Know

Mastering is the alchemy that transforms a mix into a final product — the bridge between creation and consumption. It’s an art form where technical precision meets nuanced artistry, ensuring that a piece of music sounds its best on any system, anywhere. The article “The Fundamentals Of Mastering – What Every Producer Should Know” by […]