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How to Build a Home Recording Studio from Scratch

Building a home recording studio used to be expensive and complicated, costing thousands of dollars and requiring extensive technical knowledge. But thanks to technological advancements, making music at home is now easier than ever before. The article from Official Gaetano provides a comprehensive guide on setting up a home recording studio, emphasizing affordable and effective […]


Home Recording Studio: Recording Equipment Basics

There is an extraordinary range of affordable tools that make it possible for most musicians to produce their own music at home. In the realm of music production, the evolution of affordable and accessible tools has revolutionized the ability for musicians to produce high-quality music from the comfort of their homes. This detailed summary draws […]

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Optimising the Listening Position in a Home Studio

The listening position, or the “sweet spot,” is a critical aspect of a home studio setup. It’s the point where the sound from the speakers converges, providing the most accurate stereo image and frequency response. The article “Optimising The Listening Position In A Home Studio” from the Record, Mix & Master blog provides an in-depth […]


17 Ways To Make Money With A Recording Studio – Music Industry How To

In the comprehensive guide “17 Ways To Make Money With A Recording Studio” by David Andrew Wiebe on Music Industry How To, the author delves into the multifaceted opportunities available for recording studio owners to diversify their income streams beyond the traditional hourly recording fees. Recognizing the evolving landscape of music production, where high-quality recordings […]


How to Maximize Space in Your Small Home Studio Without Losing Sound Quality

Recording equipment has become affordable to the point that renting studio space isn’t strictly necessary. With a little investment over time, you can produce great results from your own home. In the digital era, the dream of running a home studio has become more accessible than ever, thanks to affordable recording equipment. However, indie musicians […]


Remote production for indie artists: Getting started.

It doesn’t matter where a producer is. You can work with them without physically being with them, thanks to technology and the internet. The article “Remote Production for Indie Artists: Getting Started” by Caleb J. Murphy on Bandzoogle provides a comprehensive guide for musicians and producers navigating the realm of remote music production. The process, […]


Home Recording Studio Setup: 11 Essential Items

If you aspire to be a recording artist, chances are you are considering creating a home studio. Home studios can be as simple as recording on your phone or as complicated as any world-class professional studio. The article from Disc Makers Blog, titled “Home Recording Studio Setup: 11 Essential Items,” penned by Chris Huff, offers […]


4 tips for getting your tracks over the finish line in your DAW

We’ve all been there—the sense of dread when you’re working on an idea, but can’t get it over the finish line; the 16-bar loop just doesn’t expand beyond the remits of your DAW. The article “4 tips for getting your tracks over the finish line in your DAW” from Splice, authored by Enda Harte, offers […]


What Makes the Perfect Song Demo?

“How good do demos need to be?” is one of the questions I am asked most often in my workshops. To effectively answer this question, you need to identify the purpose of your demo recording. The article “What Makes the Perfect Demo?” from BMI.com, written by Jason Blume, delves into the intricacies of creating demo […]

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Why Every Songwriter Needs A Home Recording Studio

Are you a songwriter that finds it easy to hit your creative stride, always brimming with melodies and lyrics waiting to come alive? If so, you may have considered establishing your own space to cultivate and capture these ideas… A home recording studio. While the thought might seem daunting or even unnecessary, having a personalised […]