Remote production for indie artists: Getting started.

It doesn’t matter where a producer is. You can work with them without physically being with them, thanks to technology and the internet.

The article “Remote Production for Indie Artists: Getting Started” by Caleb J. Murphy on Bandzoogle provides a comprehensive guide for musicians and producers navigating the realm of remote music production. The process, as detailed by Murphy, involves several key steps:

  1. Demo Submission: Artists initiate the process by sending an MP3 demo of their song, which can be a simple voice memo or a more polished recording.
  2. Reference Tracks: Artists provide reference tracks to guide the desired sound and feel of the production, ensuring the producer captures the artist’s vision.
  3. Production Phase: The producer records all necessary instruments and elements, considering the artist’s initial notes and reference tracks.
  4. Feedback and Adjustments: The producer sends a draft to the artist for feedback. Alternatively, they may engage in a real-time remote recording session for immediate feedback and adjustments.
  5. Vocal Recording: Artists record their vocals independently, with guidance from the producer on emotional delivery and technical aspects.
  6. Final Drafts and Mixing: The producer adds the vocals to the mix, sends drafts to the artist for approval, and then proceeds to the mixing stage, often using a reference track for guidance.
  7. Mixing and Mastering: The final mix is refined, and the track is then mastered, either by the producer, a referred mastering engineer, or through an automated mastering service.

Murphy also highlights essential tools for remote music production, such as high-quality audio sharing software (e.g., SonoBus), music storage and sharing platforms (e.g., DISCO), and the necessity of an external hard drive for backing up all mixes and stems.

The article not only demystifies the process of remote production but also underscores its viability and potential as a lucrative avenue for musicians and producers alike.

Source: Remote production for indie artists: Getting started | Bandzoogle Blog

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