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My name is Corey Stewart and I am a songwriter, musician, producer and blogger from Australia.

I reckon one of the big reasons why the music industry has changed so much from the old school “record label as gatekeeper” approach to a more “community niche driven independent musician” approach, is that the amount of songwriters and musicians recording their music at home has increased dramatically over the last decade or so.

This is mainly because the availability of home recording studio equipment is more prevalent and easily accessible today as well as the entry price coming down a lot. There’s no more real barriers to getting your music out into the world anymore.

No more hurdles to jump over and no more gatekeepers to appease.

On a personal note, I seriously started my home recording studio journey from about 2010 and I admit, I have a fair way to go before I start really mastering the in’s and out’s of my chosen digital audio workstation (DAW) which is Logic Pro X.

As a songwriter I know how important it is to have free flowing access to some sort of recording equipment (whether it be a smartphone or through to a full blown professional recording studio) to ensure that no songwriting idea is lost no matter how small it is.

All About Home Recording is my attempt to learn as much as I can about home recording studio techniques for my own songwriting benefit in the best way I know how… Blogging about my journey and then, sharing it with everyone else.

I’m not a home recording expert by any means but through documenting what I learn plus curating the very best home recording studio tips, trick and techniques I can find on the web I can climb the steep home recording learning curve a little easier.

If you have any questions regarding home recording or, you have information you want to share with me just contact me and let’s chat.

It is my hope that All About Home Recording will become one of the essential online repositories of home audio recording information for my benefit as well as anyone else who is interested in the creation and recording of their own music at home.

So, with that being said, let’s start this journey together… RIGHT NOW!

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