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Setting Goals as a Music Producer: 3 Steps for Success

Setting goals for yourself as a music producer is important. It’s also easy.

But achieving those goals? Yeah, not easy. Most producers fail to achieve their goals or even get close to achieving them.

The article from EDMProd, titled “Setting Goals as a Music Producer: 3 Steps for Success,” written by Sam Matla, offers a comprehensive guide on effective goal setting for music producers. Here’s a summary of its key points:


  • Goal Setting Challenges: Many music producers struggle with setting and achieving goals. The article addresses common pitfalls and offers a systematic approach to overcome them.
  • Importance of Belief and Motivation: It emphasizes the need for belief in one’s abilities and maintaining motivation, which are crucial for goal attainment.
  • Systematic Approach: The article proposes a structured system, rather than relying on luck or fleeting motivation, to achieve goals.

Key Sections

  1. Understanding Goal Setting Failures:
    • The article explores why many producers fail to reach their goals, highlighting issues like lack of belief, insufficient motivation, and flawed planning.
  2. A 3-Step Plan for Success:
    • Step 1: Set a 90-day controllable-output goal.
    • Step 2: Convert the goal into a daily or weekly metric.
    • Step 3: Organize your environment (both mental and physical) to facilitate goal achievement.
  3. Detailed Strategies:
    • The article delves into strategies for overcoming limiting beliefs, building motivation, and creating a conducive environment for success.

Practical Tips

  • Realistic Goal Setting: It advises setting achievable, controllable goals and breaking them down into manageable metrics.
  • Environment Optimization: Suggestions are provided for optimizing both the physical studio space and personal habits to support goal achievement.
  • Goal Tracking: The importance of tracking progress visually and systematically is emphasized.


  • The article concludes by encouraging readers to adopt the outlined system and provides resources like the Producer Action Plan and a Goal & Metric Tracking Sheet to aid in this process.

This article is a valuable resource for music producers looking to set and achieve their goals more effectively, offering practical advice and a structured approach to overcome common challenges in the music production journey.

Source: Setting Goals as a Music Producer: 3 Steps for Success

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