February 2024


The 12 Best Free DAWs To Create Music With (2024) – Produce Like A Pro

Are you on the hunt for a high-quality digital audio workstation (DAW) that won’t break the bank? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the best free DAWs available that cater to your need for top-notch features, user-friendly interfaces, and exceptional music creation capabilities. Embarking on a musical journey without the financial burden […]


VST, AU And AAX – What’s The Difference? Plugin Formats Explained

In the digital audio world, navigating through the myriad of plugin formats can be akin to traversing a labyrinth, each turn presenting a new acronym: VST, AU, AAX. The article from Integraudio demystifies these formats, offering a beacon of understanding for both budding and seasoned music producers. Audio Plugins: The Digital RevolutionAudio plugins, the cornerstone […]

Nemann TLM-102 part 2, recording vocals

7 Vocal Recording Secrets for Songwriters to Achieve Crystal Clear Sound and Win Over Fans – Speed Songwriting

Ever wondered how some songwriters manage to capture the essence of their voice in every track, leaving listeners hanging on every word? It’s no magic trick – it’s the mastery of vocal recording. In the realm of songwriting and music production, the clarity and quality of vocal recordings stand as pivotal elements that can significantly […]


Music Mastering: Techniques from the Pros – Berklee Online Take Note

Before we embark on an exciting journey into the world of music mastering, we need to get an overview of our current workplace, learn about the tools available to us, and discover ways to optimize our environment. The article from Berklee Online, penned by experts Marc-Dieter Einstmann and Jonathan Wyner, delves into the intricate world […]

man playing on drums

Acoustic vs Electronic Drums (The Good, The Bad & The Ugly)

When starting out, choosing between acoustic and electronic drums can be a difficult decision to make. And with how accessible learning to play the drums is, you probably feel more inspired to learn percussion than ever. In the realm of drumming, the choice between acoustic and electronic drums presents a nuanced debate, each with its […]


Remote music production for indie artists: Getting started

It doesn’t matter where a producer is. You can work with them without physically being with them, thanks to technology and the internet. Remote music production is not only a possibility but also happens quite often, especially in the last few years. The article on Bandzoogle, authored by Caleb J. Murphy, delves into the realm […]


100+ Home Studio Design Ideas & Inspiration

So whether you’re into clean, minimal studios, or dirty, messy, organized chaos, you’ll find the inspiration you need below. The article from Hyperbits, titled “100+ Home Studio Design Ideas & Inspiration,” serves as a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to design or revamp their home studio. It begins with a powerful quote by Otl Aicher, […]

Buttons on soundboard

Before You Begin, Visualize Your Mix With These 6 Exercises – Bobby Owsinski’s Music Production Blog

The essence of mixing is the balance between instruments or mix elements. No matter how good you are at other aspects of the mixing process, if you don’t get the balance right, you don’t have a mix. In the realm of music production, the art of mixing is pivotal, hinging on the delicate balance between […]


How to Maximize Space in Your Small Home Studio Without Losing Sound Quality

Recording equipment has become affordable to the point that renting studio space isn’t strictly necessary. With a little investment over time, you can produce great results from your own home. In the digital era, the dream of running a home studio has become more accessible than ever, thanks to affordable recording equipment. However, indie musicians […]

gray microphone in room

Recording Vocals: Your Ultimate Guide to a Pro Vocal Track : Audio Issues

There are five stages to recording vocals to a professional standard. But it’s not all about the microphone or your gear. Or even your acoustic treatment. It’s not even only about your singer. In the comprehensive guide “Your Ultimate Guide to Recording Vocals” by Björgvin Benediktsson on Audio Issues, readers are taken through a detailed […]