January 2024


How to Program Realistic Drums – Songwriting Essentials

Drum programming is a big deal in today’s music world. It’s everywhere – in pop songs, hip-hop tracks, electronic music, you name it. But there’s a trick to it. The article from “How to Write Better Songs” delves into the intricate process of programming realistic drums, transforming digital beats into lifelike rhythms. It emphasizes the […]

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Recycle Your Old Projects – Pheek’s Mixdown and Mastering

The way I approach making music, ultimately speaking, is to be able to first find a very original idea and then put it in context quickly so you can work to give it a timeline. The blog post from Pheek’s Mixdown and Mastering, titled “Recycle Your Old Projects,” delves into the concept of maximizing the […]


Home Recording Studio Setup: 11 Essential Items

If you aspire to be a recording artist, chances are you are considering creating a home studio. Home studios can be as simple as recording on your phone or as complicated as any world-class professional studio. The article from Disc Makers Blog, titled “Home Recording Studio Setup: 11 Essential Items,” penned by Chris Huff, offers […]

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Master the Art of just showing up | Music Software Training & Ableton Live Tutorials

Life has a knack for pulling you away from your music at every opportunity. So, how do we combat this? Keep it simple. The article “Master the Art of Just Showing Up” from MusicSoftwareTraining.com delves into the significance of cultivating consistent creative habits, particularly in the realm of music production. It acknowledges the initial challenges […]


Vinyl vs. CDs: What sounds better? | Disc Makers

I’d like to discuss a topic that is sure to spark a lot of passionate debate: I want to talk about sound quality. Specifically, I want to try to answer the question, Does your music sound better on vinyl vs. CD? The article from Disc Makers Blog, penned by Tony van Veen, delves into the […]

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3 Ways to Find Inspiration for Your Music – Blog | Splice

You’re staring at an empty DAW session or a blinking cursor, and it’s frustrating, maybe even a little scary. We’ve all been there; it’s like your creative juices aren’t juicing anymore, and you can’t remember how to start them back up again. In the article “3 Ways to Find Inspiration for Your Music” on Splice’s […]


The Art of Audio Mixing: Techniques and Tips for the Aspiring Musician 

Audio mixing is a nuanced, technical, and artistic process involving collecting raw tracks and transforming them into a cohesive and polished final product. This is where artistry intersects with technical expertise. In the realm of home recording, the art of audio mixing stands as a pivotal skill, blending technical prowess with creative intuition. The article […]


The Essential Guide to Monitoring and Room Acoustics When Mastering In

Welcome to the definitive guide for all home studio enthusiasts looking to demystify and master the critical elements of monitoring and room acoustics for mastering. Crafting the Perfect Sound Space for Mastering In the comprehensive guide “The Essential Guide to Monitoring and Room Acoustics When Mastering In A Home Studio” by Tom Frampton, the intricate […]


Logic Pro vs Pro Tools – Which is Better? – Musician Wave

Logic Pro is an affordable digital audio workstation (DAW) perfect for beginner and experienced musicians, while Pro Tools is a high-cost industry-standard music program best suited for recording and editing audio. Both are extremely capable DAWs and are extensively used by music pros. The article from Musician Wave titled “Logic Pro vs Pro Tools – […]


What is Mastering in Music?

Music mastering (aka audio mastering) is the final step in the music production process for a recording, where a finished mix is transformed into a polished and cohesive piece that is ready for distribution. The article from Disc Makers Blog, authored by Scott McCormick, delves into the intricate world of music mastering, highlighting it as […]