June 2024

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How to Become a Music Producer in 2024: Insider Guide

Music production is one of those dream jobs that everyone wishes they could have. You get to make music for a living, and millions of people listen to the songs you’ve worked on. The article “How To Become A Music Producer In 2024: Insider Guide by Gaetano, is a detailed summary of how one can […]

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What is Ambient Music? Everything You Need to Know in 5 Minutes.

Ambient music is an atmospheric genre that emphasizes tone and mood over traditional musical structures.If you’re an experienced producer or just curious, understanding ambient music can open new creative avenues. This article introduces Ambient music as an atmospheric genre emphasizing tone and mood, offers a unique auditory experience that transcends traditional musical structures. This guide […]


The best DAWs for music producers

The digital audio workstation – or DAW, as it’s affectionately known – is the backbone of modern music production. If you’ve ever wanted to compose or record music, there’s a strong chance you’re at least somewhat familiar with what this piece of software does The article on MusicTech explores the various digital audio workstations (DAWs) […]


What is LoFi Music? Everything You Need to Know in 5min – EDMProd

You’ve surely heard of the LoFi study girl on YouTube… But do you know what truly makes LoFi… LoFi? In this guide, we’ll break down the specific characteristics of LoFi music, focusing on drums, bass, synths, and other sounds that make this genre unique. Let’s go! LoFi (short for low-fidelity) music is a genre that […]