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How to Mic Acoustic Guitar: 7 Fool-Proof Techniques for Pro Sound

Recording acoustic guitar can seem like an incredibly intimidating task if you’ve never approached it before.

The blog post titled “How to Mic Acoustic Guitar: 7 Fool-Proof Techniques for Pro Sound” offers an in-depth guide on achieving professional-quality acoustic guitar recordings in a home studio setting. It begins by addressing the intimidation often felt by newcomers to acoustic guitar recording, emphasizing the importance of microphone choice, room selection, and recording technique. The article provides general tips applicable to any mic placement strategy, including the debate between dynamic, condenser, and ribbon microphones, and the considerations for choosing between a one-mic or two-mic setup.

Key points include:

  • Microphone Types: Dynamic mics are rugged but less detailed, condenser mics are sensitive and ideal for acoustic guitars, and ribbon mics offer a warmer sound. The choice between small-diaphragm and large-diaphragm condensers is also discussed, with recommendations for specific situations.
  • Mic Placement: The article advises against pointing the mic directly at the sound hole due to the risk of low-end buildup and suggests alternative placements for a balanced sound.
  • Room Treatment: Suggestions for dealing with poor room acoustics include using soft furnishings to limit reflections or investing in professional acoustic panels.
  • Recording Techniques: It covers single and two-mic techniques, offering pros and cons for each and tips for avoiding common pitfalls like phase issues and finger noise.

The guide is comprehensive, covering everything from the basics of microphone selection to advanced recording techniques, making it a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their acoustic guitar recordings.

Source: How to Mic Acoustic Guitar: 7 Fool-Proof Techniques for Pro Sound

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