How to Program Realistic Drums – Songwriting Essentials

Drum programming is a big deal in today’s music world. It’s everywhere – in pop songs, hip-hop tracks, electronic music, you name it. But there’s a trick to it. The article from “How to Write Better Songs” delves into the intricate process of programming realistic drums, transforming digital beats into lifelike rhythms. It emphasizes the […]

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3 Ways to Find Inspiration for Your Music – Blog | Splice

You’re staring at an empty DAW session or a blinking cursor, and it’s frustrating, maybe even a little scary. We’ve all been there; it’s like your creative juices aren’t juicing anymore, and you can’t remember how to start them back up again. In the article “3 Ways to Find Inspiration for Your Music” on Splice’s […]

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Why Every Songwriter Needs A Home Recording Studio

Are you a songwriter that finds it easy to hit your creative stride, always brimming with melodies and lyrics waiting to come alive? If so, you may have considered establishing your own space to cultivate and capture these ideas… A home recording studio. While the thought might seem daunting or even unnecessary, having a personalised […]