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3 Ways to Find Inspiration for Your Music – Blog | Splice

You’re staring at an empty DAW session or a blinking cursor, and it’s frustrating, maybe even a little scary. We’ve all been there; it’s like your creative juices aren’t juicing anymore, and you can’t remember how to start them back up again.

In the article “3 Ways to Find Inspiration for Your Music” on Splice’s blog, Harrison Shimazu explores the elusive nature of creative inspiration and offers practical advice for musicians grappling with creative blocks.

The piece acknowledges the emotional rollercoaster that artists often experience, oscillating between moments of creative drought and sudden, overwhelming bursts of inspiration.

The article outlines three actionable strategies to reignite the creative spark:

  1. Draw Inspiration from Beloved Music: It encourages reconnecting with the music that initially ignited one’s passion for creation. This involves active listening, a deliberate and analytical approach to understanding music. The article suggests exploring interviews and tutorials from admired artists to gain insights into their creative processes. It also advocates for expanding one’s musical palette to discover new sources of inspiration.
  2. Overcome Creative Blocks with Intentional Strategies: The article acknowledges the daunting nature of creative blocks and offers strategies to navigate these challenges. It emphasizes the importance of not succumbing to perfectionism and encourages the creation of a large volume of work, out of which the best can be selected. The perspective of hip hop producer Richie Souf is highlighted, stressing the importance of continuous creation without overthinking.
  3. Adopt a Fresh Perspective in Music Creation: Finally, the article suggests changing one’s usual approach to music creation. This could mean experimenting with different starting points, such as beginning with grooves instead of melodies, or incorporating new instruments and sounds. It presents 12 challenges to encourage musicians to step out of their comfort zones and explore unfamiliar methods of creation.

The article concludes by inviting readers to share their own tips and join a community of music creators, fostering a collaborative environment for sharing inspiration and ideas.

Source: 3 Ways to Find Inspiration for Your Music – Blog | Splice

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