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Recycle Your Old Projects – Pheek’s Mixdown and Mastering

The way I approach making music, ultimately speaking, is to be able to first find a very original idea and then put it in context quickly so you can work to give it a timeline.

The blog post from Pheek’s Mixdown and Mastering, titled “Recycle Your Old Projects,” delves into the concept of maximizing the potential of previous music projects.

The author, Pheek, expresses astonishment at how many artists start from scratch with each new song and let completed projects gather dust. He argues that every project is a treasure trove of untapped resources, waiting to be reused and repurposed.

Pheek advocates for a shift in perspective, encouraging artists to see their past works as gold mines of opportunities. He suggests strategies to speed up the music creation process without compromising creativity. These include:

  1. Forward Thinking and Organization: Organize future sessions during current ones, and use features like Ableton Live’s import to bring in successful elements from past projects.
  2. Template Creation: Develop templates from successful projects to streamline the setup process for new works.
  3. Creating a ‘Leftovers’ Channel: Save unused bits from previous projects in a special channel in your DAW, creating a unique sound library.
  4. Remixing Own Tracks: Revisit and remix your tracks to explore new creative directions.
  5. Systematic Sound Design Sessions: Allocate sessions specifically for sound design, separate from songwriting or track-building.
  6. Collaborative Workflows: Collaborate with other artists to gain fresh perspectives and expand your sound library.
  7. Regular Review and Curation: Regularly review past projects to rediscover and reuse elements.
  8. Incorporating Field Recordings: Use unique sounds from your environment to add originality to your music.
  9. Routine Exploration of New Tools: Regularly experiment with new tools to keep your creative approach dynamic.
  10. Mind Mapping and Conceptual Workflows: Use mind mapping to outline themes, emotions, or stories, providing clear direction for your music.

The post emphasizes the importance of reusing and repurposing existing materials, thus saving time and energy while fostering creativity and originality in music production.

Source: Recycle Your Old Projects – Pheek’s Mixdown and Mastering

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