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Is The Studio Lifestyle Hazardous To Your Health?

Anyone who has worked in the studio professionally either as a musician, engineer or producer knows that the hours can be long and you can go for days, weeks and months without a break.

The blog article titled “Is The Studio Lifestyle Hazardous To Your Health?” by Bobby Owsinski on his Music Production Blog discusses the potential health risks associated with the studio lifestyle. The article is based on a poll conducted by Production Expert, which surveyed 400 people involved in studio work, such as musicians, engineers, and producers. The findings highlight several aspects of the studio lifestyle:

  1. Breaks and Work Hours: Many studio professionals take only occasional or rare breaks during sessions, with 40% taking breaks occasionally and 35% frequently. Regular lunch breaks are also not a common practice, with 36% always taking a lunch break and 26% doing so frequently. The work hours are long, often extending late into the night.
  2. Days Off and Outdoor Activities: Days off for relaxation are not regular, with 39% occasionally taking days off and 27% rarely doing so. Fresh air activities like walking or running are also limited, with 36% rarely going out for fresh air.
  3. Vacations and Sleep: Annual holidays or vacations are rare, with 32% taking a holiday rarely and 31% only once a year. Sleep patterns are affected too, with 45% getting 6 to 7 hours of sleep per night and 24% only 5 to 6 hours.

Bobby reflects on his own experiences, noting that this lifestyle can be detrimental to personal relationships and health, often leading to burnout and forcing talented individuals to leave the industry.

However, he also shares a positive perspective, emphasizing that discipline and self-care, such as taking regular vacations and setting work boundaries, can lead to a more balanced life.

He personally adheres to a rule of not taking calls or texts during meals, ensuring that he has uninterrupted personal time.

The article serves as a cautionary tale for those in the studio industry, highlighting the importance of work-life balance and the potential health risks of neglecting it.

Source: Is The Studio Lifestyle Hazardous To Your Health? – Bobby Owsinski’s Music Production Blog

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