VST, AU And AAX – What’s The Difference? Plugin Formats Explained

In the digital audio world, navigating through the myriad of plugin formats can be akin to traversing a labyrinth, each turn presenting a new acronym: VST, AU, AAX. The article from Integraudio demystifies these formats, offering a beacon of understanding for both budding and seasoned music producers. Audio Plugins: The Digital RevolutionAudio plugins, the cornerstone […]


Top 30 Free VST Plugins in 2024

In this article you’ll find the best plugins available for absolutely free. We’ll go through all the plugin categories to give you a complete overview of what’s definitely worth downloading in 2024. The article from Production Music Live, titled “Top 30 Free VST Plugins in 2024,” provides an extensive overview of the best free VST plugins available […]