Best free plugins 2024: 15 of the best free synth plugins

These soft synths should be worth a pretty penny, considering their robust features, but they’re completely free! We round up the most impressive free software synths on the market.

The article from MusicTech, titled “Best free plugins 2024: 15 of the best free synth plugins,” provides a comprehensive guide to the top freeware synthesizers available in 2024. These plugins are chosen for their robust features, despite being free, and include a variety of types like original soft synths, modular-based synths, software emulations of classic hardware, and even emulations of other soft synths. The list features:

  • Vital: A spectral warping wavetable synth with extensive modulation and effects.
  • Digital Suburban Dexed: An FM synthesis based on the Yamaha DX7, known for its ease of use.
  • discoDSP OB-Xd 3.0: Emulation of the classic Oberheim OB-X polysynth.
  • Surge XT: A versatile, open-source subtractive hybrid synth.
  • TAL NoiseMaker: A virtual analogue soft synth building on TAL’s Elek7ro.
  • Martin Lüders PG-8X 2.0: Emulates the Roland JX-8P, offering varied synth capabilities.
  • WaveWarden Odin 2: A 24-voice VST3 plugin inspired by Reason’s Thor.
  • u-he Tyrell N6: A compact, sporty synth reminiscent of hardware models.
  • NUSofting Sinnah: Features a unique architecture with extensive modulation.
  • Matt Tytel Helm: Stands out for its rich sound and user-friendly interface.
  • VCV Rack 2: A virtual Eurorack environment for creating complex sounds.
  • Cherry Audio Synthesizer Expander Module: Emulates the Oberheim Synthesizer Expander Module.
  • u-he Zebralette: An easy-to-use spectral synth with a range of editing capabilities.
  • Newfangled Audio Pendulate: A chaotic monosynth with a unique double-pendulum-oscillator.
  • Roland ZENOLOGY Lite: Offers recreations of classic Roland synthesizers with modern tones.

These synths provide musicians and producers with a wealth of options for sound design and musical expression without the financial investment typically required for high-quality synthesizers.

Source: Best free plugins 2024: 15 of the best free synth plugins

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