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The best free music production plugins for 2024 – Blog | Splice

In the ever-evolving world of music production, having access to versatile and powerful free plugins can be a game-changer.

The blog post from Splice, authored by Nick Chen, delves into the best free music production plugins available in 2024. It’s a comprehensive guide for producers seeking to enhance their tracks without impacting their budget. The article covers a wide range of plugins, categorized into audio effects, instruments, and utility tools, each offering unique features to elevate music production.

Free Audio Effect Plugins

  1. Crispy Clip Light: A professional audio clipper for precise sound shaping.
  2. Spread Light: A mastering plugin for sculpting the stereo field.
  3. Flux Light: A tape emulation plugin adding analog warmth.
  4. Neutone: AI audio instruments for creative possibilities.
  5. Pitch Drift: Adds organic pitch fluctuations to tracks.
  6. Magic Dice: Generates random delays, reverb, and modulation textures.
  7. Baby Comeback: A simplified delay plugin with unique modes.
  8. Magic Switch: A chorus plugin inspired by 1980s Juno choruses.
  9. Kilohearts Essentials: A collection of versatile effects.
  10. TDR Nova: A parallel dynamic equalizer.
  11. Lofi Oddity: A toolkit for sonic experimentation.
  12. Prisma: A multi-band distortion plugin.
  13. Flex Reverb: A free plate reverb with a graphic EQ.
  14. OTT: A dynamic multi-band compressor.
  15. Supermassive: Known for its expansive delays and reverbs.

Free Instrument Plugins

  1. Analog Lab Play: Offers 100 synths, keys, basses, and pads.
  2. Vital: A wavetable synthesizer with spectral oscillator warping.
  3. Oxid: Emulates the ARP Omni-2 Polyphonic Synthesizer.
  4. Koala Sampler: A sampler now available for Mac and PC.
  5. Rasa: Showcases Mntra’s unique instruments.
  6. LABS: A series of free virtual instruments by Spitfire Audio.
  7. Syntronik 2: Offers a range of rare and coveted synths.
  8. Modo Bass C2: A virtual instrument for bass guitar emulation.
  9. Synthesizer Expander Module: Emulates the classic Oberheim® synthesizer.
  10. Retrogrit Lite: A demo version of the Retro Lofi virtual instrument.
  11. Ample Guitar Lite II: A free virtual guitar instrument.
  12. Regency: A synthesizer with a unique phase distortion approach.
  13. SyndtSphere: A polyphonic synthesizer with a sphere-based interface.

Free Utility Plugins

  1. SonoBus: For high-quality, low-latency audio streaming.
  2. Samplab: Detects and edits chords, with MIDI export.
  3. Front Row: A visualizer plugin featuring dancing animals.
  4. YouLean Loudness Meter: A versatile metering tool.
  5. SPAN: A real-time audio spectrum analyzer.
  6. NeuralNote: Converts audio to MIDI.
  7. Wave Observer: An oscilloscope and monitoring plugin.

The article concludes by encouraging readers to explore these plugins and integrate them into their digital audio workstations (DAWs) for enhanced creativity and productivity in music production.

Source: The best free music production plugins for 2024 – Blog | Splice

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