14 Best AI Sites & Apps For Music Production 

This article will discuss the best AI tools, sites, and apps for music producers, audio engineers, sound designers, and other music/audio professionals in 2024

The article titled “14 Best AI Sites & Apps For Music Production” from Integraudio discusses the most effective AI tools and applications for music producers, audio engineers, and sound designers as of 2024.

The piece highlights the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in music creation, spanning composition, sound design, mixing, and mastering.

AI technologies can analyze songs to generate new musical elements, help in sound design by creating unique sounds, and optimize mixes and masters to professional standards.

They also offer music recommendation features based on user preferences.

Additionally, the article addresses potential drawbacks of using AI in music production, such as the risk of over-reliance leading to a loss of originality and creativity, possible job losses, copyright issues, and the absence of emotional depth that human-produced music typically possesses.

Despite these concerns, the article emphasizes the importance of embracing AI to improve and innovate within the music industry.

Key AI tools covered include:

  1. SOLARIA (AI Vocals): Provides professional AI-generated vocals with various customization options.
  2. AIVA (Music Generator): An advanced AI music generator capable of composing unique music pieces based on user-defined parameters.
  3. Soundful (Music Generator): A platform for creating and compiling royalty-free music, equipped with music theory-based algorithms.
  4. Algonaut Atlas 2 (Sample Management): Helps in managing and organizing audio samples with intelligent search capabilities.
  5. BandLab SongStarter: An AI-powered composition tool that generates beats, chord progressions, and melodies.
  6. Loudly (Multi-Tool): Offers a vast catalog of over 100,000 royalty-free audio tracks suitable for various digital projects.

The article concludes by encouraging the responsible and ethical use of AI in music production to harness its benefits while mitigating associated risks.

Source: 14 Best AI Sites & Apps For Music Production 

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