Music production 101: How to start producing music.

Want to start producing music? Learn all about the basics of music production including home setup, audio recording, sound design, mixing, mastering, and more.

The article “Music production 101: How to start producing music” from the Native Instruments Blog provides a comprehensive overview of the music production process, tailored for beginners and aspiring producers. Here’s a detailed summary of the content:

Introduction to Music Production

The concept of music production is explained as the journey from the initial idea of a song through to its final mix and mastering, ready for release. It outlines how the role of a music producer has evolved from being one member of a large team to potentially handling all aspects of music creation solo, thanks to modern digital tools.

Getting Started

The first steps involve selecting a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), which serves as the central hub for all production activities. It also covers choosing sounds and samples and discusses the importance of audio output equipment like speakers or headphones.


This section details how to set up for recording using both real and virtual instruments. It emphasizes the versatility of modern DAWs in allowing producers to record live sounds or utilize MIDI controllers for software instruments.

Finding Your Sound

Here, the article discusses the creative aspects of music production, such as sound design and the development of one’s musical style. It suggests starting with preset sounds and experimenting with them to discover unique sound combinations.

Mixing and Mastering

The process of mixing is described as balancing and shaping individual sounds, while mastering is presented as the final step to polish and prepare the track for release. Tips on both processes are provided, along with recommended tools and software.

Learning and Evolving

Finally, the article encourages continuous learning and experimentation. It points to various resources like video tutorials, community forums, and free software tools to help producers grow their skills and stay updated with new techniques.

The blog post serves as a roadmap for new producers, offering both technical guidance and creative advice to help them start and advance their music production journey.

Source: Music production 101: How to start producing music | Native Instruments Blog

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