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How to compose music: a beginner’s guide | Native Instruments Blog

Music takes the listener on a journey from absolute silence to a first sound and through a whole trajectory back to silence. How we go about what happens in the middle of this has infinite possibilities, and there are no right or wrong ways to approach it. The article from Native Instruments Blog titled “How […]


Music production 101: How to start producing music.

Want to start producing music? Learn all about the basics of music production including home setup, audio recording, sound design, mixing, mastering, and more. The article “Music production 101: How to start producing music” from the Native Instruments Blog provides a comprehensive overview of the music production process, tailored for beginners and aspiring producers. Here’s […]


14 Best AI Sites & Apps For Music Production 

This article will discuss the best AI tools, sites, and apps for music producers, audio engineers, sound designers, and other music/audio professionals in 2024 The article titled “14 Best AI Sites & Apps For Music Production” from Integraudio discusses the most effective AI tools and applications for music producers, audio engineers, and sound designers as […]


A guide to different types of chords in music | Native Instruments Blog

As a producer or beatmaker, you might assume that focusing on the beat or melody is where your focus should lie. But if you want to infuse variety and complexity into your music, you should gain a good understanding of chords and their role in music production/beat making The blog article titled “A guide to […]


Best free plugins 2024: 15 of the best free synth plugins

These soft synths should be worth a pretty penny, considering their robust features, but they’re completely free! We round up the most impressive free software synths on the market. The article from MusicTech, titled “Best free plugins 2024: 15 of the best free synth plugins,” provides a comprehensive guide to the top freeware synthesizers available […]


DIY Mastering vs. Professional Mastering

Whether you’re a budding music producer or a seasoned composer, the decision between DIY mastering and seeking professional assistance is pivotal. This choice can significantly impact the final sound of your music, its reception by the audience, and indeed, your entire creative journey. The article “DIY Mastering vs. Professional Mastering” from Mastering The Mix, authored […]

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Basic Music Theory For Music Producers – Bedroom Producers Blog

Music theory can seem daunting for self-taught musicians and producers, particularly when you haven’t had any formal musical education. However, ensuring you have a solid foundational understanding of theory can help you reach new heights of musical creativity. Tomislav Zlatic, through the Bedroom Producers Blog, offers a comprehensive guide titled “Basic Music Theory For Music […]

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Science-Backed Tools to Improve Your Creativity – Resoundsound

Creativity is probably the most powerful resource we have. Not only for our progress as individuals and our success in daily life, but also for the development of mankind in general. Science-Backed Tools to Improve Your Creativity – A Summary In the insightful article “Science-Backed Tools to Improve Your Creativity” on Resoundsound, the author delves […]

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Top 15 Tips For Mixing Vocals – Record, Mix & Master

Vocal mixing can be a complex process, but with the right techniques, you can achieve a professional sound. Here are the top 15 tips for mixing vocals The blog post from Record, Mix & Master, titled “Top 15 Tips for Mixing Vocals,” serves as a maestro’s guide, conducting the reader through the intricate process of […]


Home Recording Studio: Recording Equipment Basics

There is an extraordinary range of affordable tools that make it possible for most musicians to produce their own music at home. In the realm of music production, the evolution of affordable and accessible tools has revolutionized the ability for musicians to produce high-quality music from the comfort of their homes. This detailed summary draws […]