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Recording Vocals: Your Ultimate Guide to a Pro Vocal Track : Audio Issues

There are five stages to recording vocals to a professional standard. But it’s not all about the microphone or your gear. Or even your acoustic treatment. It’s not even only about your singer. In the comprehensive guide “Your Ultimate Guide to Recording Vocals” by Björgvin Benediktsson on Audio Issues, readers are taken through a detailed […]

A man started to play his guitar for me so I decided to take some shots of the guitar. Turned out really well

How to Mic Acoustic Guitar: 7 Fool-Proof Techniques for Pro Sound

Recording acoustic guitar can seem like an incredibly intimidating task if you’ve never approached it before. The blog post titled “How to Mic Acoustic Guitar: 7 Fool-Proof Techniques for Pro Sound” offers an in-depth guide on achieving professional-quality acoustic guitar recordings in a home studio setting. It begins by addressing the intimidation often felt by […]


Studio Etiquette: Everything Your Engineer Wants You To Know But Is Afraid To Say

Audio engineers are translators. We translate ideas into sounds. Creative descriptions into technical decisions. Drunken late-night texts into mix revisions. The article “Studio Etiquette: Everything Your Engineer Wants You To Know But Is Afraid To Say” by Justin Douglas, featured on Tape Op, delves into the nuanced dynamics of recording studio environments, emphasizing the importance […]

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LANDR Review: Features, Guide, Advantages, & More (2024)

Mastering is the final step in music production, it helps determine how your music sounds across devices and streaming platforms. Mastering used to require considerable skills and time—that is until AI became part of the equation. No this is something I am seriously looking into myself… Mastering my own music with AI. How good can […]


Difference Between Soundproofing and Acoustic Treatment – Record, Mix & Master

When it comes to creating the perfect environment for enjoying music, recording audio, or simply improving the acoustics of a room, two terms often come up: soundproofing and acoustic treatment. While they might seem similar, they serve distinct purposes and require different approaches. In the realm of audio environments, distinguishing between soundproofing and acoustic treatment […]


AI can now master your music—and it does shockingly well

AI-powered mastering systems allow endless tweaking (mastering engineers generally offer a specific number of revisions). They return results within a minute (mastering engineers might need up to a week). They are comparatively cheap (mastering engineers might charge anywhere from $30 up to a few hundred bucks a track, depending on their experience). And now they […]


Remote production for indie artists: Getting started.

It doesn’t matter where a producer is. You can work with them without physically being with them, thanks to technology and the internet. The article “Remote Production for Indie Artists: Getting Started” by Caleb J. Murphy on Bandzoogle provides a comprehensive guide for musicians and producers navigating the realm of remote music production. The process, […]


Perfecting Your Music Production Workflow – Notetracks

We all have different workflows in our digital audio workstations (DAWs), and it’s not uncommon for them to change over time! Unfortunately, some producers never focus on their workflow as a way to improve their productions. The blog article “Perfecting Your Music Production Workflow” from Notetracks provides a comprehensive guide to optimizing your music production […]


New to mixing? How to mix your own music | Native Instruments Blog

Learning how to mix your own music is a critical skill for all music producers. It provides an additional layer of creative control and helps listeners experience your music more deeply. The blog post from Native Instruments provides a comprehensive guide on mixing your own music, emphasizing the importance of this skill for music producers. […]


How to Program Realistic Drums – Songwriting Essentials

Drum programming is a big deal in today’s music world. It’s everywhere – in pop songs, hip-hop tracks, electronic music, you name it. But there’s a trick to it. The article from “How to Write Better Songs” delves into the intricate process of programming realistic drums, transforming digital beats into lifelike rhythms. It emphasizes the […]