What Makes the Perfect Song Demo?

“How good do demos need to be?” is one of the questions I am asked most often in my workshops. To effectively answer this question, you need to identify the purpose of your demo recording. The article “What Makes the Perfect Demo?” from, written by Jason Blume, delves into the intricacies of creating demo […]

Vintage Analog Mixing Console Trident 80C at Old Fashion Music Studios

Best Gifts For Music Producers In 2023 – Bedroom Producers Blog

‘Tis the season to be merry, and nothing makes it merrier than some shiny new gear! Throw those socks and undies out of the cart and get that music producer in your life some gear that’ll have them cooking up a phat beat ASAP. The article from Bedroom Producers Blog, authored by Steve Charlton, provides […]


10 Best AI Tools For Musicians

A recent survey of over 1,000 musicians revealed that 25% of them are already incorporating AI into their studio work, 72% of which reported positive experiences with AI tools. The article titled “10 Best AI Tools For Musicians” from Pirate Studios provides an insightful overview of how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the music industry in […]


Free Music Production for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide

There are no limitations for the producers of tomorrow, so your journey into music, DAWs, and synths can begin without spending a dime. The article from RouteNote, titled “Free Music Production for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide,” offers a comprehensive overview of starting music production without financial barriers. Here’s a summary of the key points: Free […]

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Is The Studio Lifestyle Hazardous To Your Health?

Anyone who has worked in the studio professionally either as a musician, engineer or producer knows that the hours can be long and you can go for days, weeks and months without a break. The blog article titled “Is The Studio Lifestyle Hazardous To Your Health?” by Bobby Owsinski on his Music Production Blog discusses […]


How To Make Music: Create Your Own Music In 6 Steps

In this in-depth guide, we’ll go over everything you’ll want to know get started with music production, from the tools you’ll need to the six creative steps you’ll take to make your own music. The article on Splice’s blog, provides a comprehensive guide on how to make music, especially for beginners. It starts by emphasizing […]


The Rise of AI in Music Production: Creative Partner or Composer Competitor?

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in various sectors has been nothing short of a revolutionary whirlwind, altering landscapes of industries from healthcare to finance. But nowhere does this integration feel more like a dramatic symphony than in the world of music production This article by Tom Frampton on Mastering The Mix explores the revolutionary […]


Live Sound Engineer: A Day in the Life on Tour.

The main comment I get when people find out I am a live sound engineer is “Your job must be so cool.” And it definitely is cool, but it’s probably not what you think it is. The article from Berklee Online, written by Ken “Pooch” Van Druten, provides an insightful glimpse into the life of […]


Rode acquires rival to be a home recording powerhouse.

In a significant development within the audio equipment industry, Rode has acquired its competitor, Mackie. This marks a significant move for the company, which has slowly turned its eye towards broader audio offerings from it’s affordable, quality microphone business. This is HUGE news!!! Source: Rode acquires rival to be a home recording powerhouse – RouteNote […]

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Your First Home Recording Studio: The Essential Equipment Guide

Isn’t it every songwriters and musicians dream to have their very own recording studio – a private sanctuary where creativity can freely flow, unrestricted by time or external noise. Unfortunately, the perceived cost often deters people from making this dream a reality. But what if we told you that setting up a home recording studio […]